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How much does it cost to tax a car?

All cars in the UK pay annual car tax, otherwise known as vehicle excise duty (VED). Depending when a car was registered, the basis on which its road tax is worked out can fall under one of three different systems:

  • Cars registered after April 1 2017: Fuel type and the car's new list price (if over ?40,000) determine the rate paid. Fully electric cars are tax exempt.
  • Cars registered from March 1 2001 to March 31 2017: CO2 emissions and fuel type decide the level of road tax.
  • Cars registered before March 1 2001: Cars that have engine size is up to 1549cc pay one rate; above that a higher rate applies.

The rate applied in a car's first year from new also changed from April 1 2017, but is still based primarily on CO2 output.

Confused? Read our car tax and VED advice or visit the official DVLA road tax site